The functions of medical casters

December 8, 2023

Medical casters refer to wheels installed on medical equipment, beds, chairs and other appliances. They have the following functions:

Portability and flexibility: The main function of medical casters is to make medical equipment portable and flexible. By installing casters, medical equipment can be easily moved within a hospital or medical facility, making it easier for medical staff to diagnose, treat or care for patients.

Equipment adjustment and positioning: Medical casters can also be used for equipment adjustment and positioning. By locking or releasing the casters, medical equipment can be held in the desired position to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Patient transfer and movement: Medical casters can help medical staff transfer and move patients. For example, casters mounted on a bed and chair can make it easy to move the bed and chair around the hospital, making it easier to transfer patients from one location to another.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Medical casters can also facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of equipment. By moving the equipment, medical staff can more easily clean the area around the equipment and perform necessary maintenance and repairs.

It should be noted that the selection and use of medical casters should comply with relevant safety standards and specifications to ensure the stability of the equipment and patient safety. In addition, medical personnel should be careful when using medical casters to avoid possible accidental injuries.