How to choose casters

November 17, 2023

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There are several factors to consider when choosing casters:

Load capacity: First determine the maximum load the caster needs to bear. Choose the appropriate load capacity based on the weight you need to carry. Make sure the casters you choose have a load rating that meets actual use needs.

Floor type: Consider the type of floor on which casters will be used, such as smooth floors, uneven floors, indoor floors, outdoor pavements, etc. Different floor types require different types of casters. For example, hard casters are suitable for smooth floors, while rubber casters are suitable for shock absorption and noise reduction.

Mobility requirements: Determine the mobility requirements of the casters, such as whether 360-degree rotation, fixed direction or positioning functions are required. This will determine whether to choose a one-way swivel caster, a two-way swivel caster, or a caster with a locking mechanism.

Environmental conditions: Consider the environmental conditions the casters will be used in, such as temperature, humidity, chemical exposure, etc. Some casters are corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, or water-resistant, making them suitable for specific environmental conditions.

Noise and Vibration: If you need to reduce vibration or noise, you can choose casters with shock-absorbing features, such as rubber casters or casters with shock-absorbing pads.

Mounting method: Determine how the casters are mounted, such as fixed casters, threaded casters, or pallet casters. Make sure the mounting method of the selected casters matches the needs of the application.

Cost considerations: Finally, consider the cost of casters. Choose the right casters based on budget constraints and balance price with performance.

In summary, caster selection requires a combination of factors such as load capacity, floor type, mobility requirements, environmental conditions, noise and vibration, installation method, and cost to ensure you select the right caster for your specific application. If there are specific application scenarios or needs, it is recommended to consult a professional caster supplier for more specific advice and recommendations.